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Discover How 211 Helpline Can Connect You to Your Local Resources and Services

Life can be so unpredictable. When you encounter unexpected situations in your life, you need the right support to help you through them. Whether it’s dealing with domestic violence, accessing basic needs, or finding resources for mental health issues, having that support can make a big difference. That's where the 211 Helpline comes in.

The Helpline Center is a comprehensive source of information about local resources and services within your communities. Read on to discover how the 211 Helpline works and how it can connect you to the help you need.

A woman dialing the 211 Helpline
211 Helpline: Resources for South Dakotans

What is the Helpline Center?

The Helpline Center is a nonprofit organization that provides access to resources and services for the communities within South Dakota. Their mission is to make lives better by giving support, offering hope, and creating connections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Helpline Center is the only entity in South Dakota accredited by the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems, a certification that assures credibility in providing reliable and high-quality information to individuals in need.

The 211 Helpline office located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Sioux Falls, SD Helpline Office

How does the Helpline Center work?

To access the resources provided by the Helpline Center, all you need to do is call 2-1-1. The staff at the Helpline Center can connect you to a comprehensive list of services, including basic needs, housing assistance, mental health resources, and employment opportunities. The Helpline Center is a blended call center, meaning that all of the staff are cross-trained to handle both crisis and information/referral phone calls. This ensures that callers can receive the appropriate support they need, regardless of their situation.

Sioux Falls Basic Needs Resource Guide

For those located in Sioux Falls, the Helpline Center has created a resource guide specific to the city. This guide lists community programs that are part of the 211 resource database, providing access to direct basic needs and services like clothing and household items, employment services, family and parenting, financial support, food, health care, housing, mental health, shelter, and transportation.

Why use the Helpline Center?

Using the Helpline Center ensures that the resources and services you get connected to are credible and reliable. Its user-friendly search tools will help you find the help you need easily and quickly. Unlike generalized internet searches, speaking with the Helpline Center connects you with local professionals who are knowledgeable and equipped to offer accurate and up-to-date information.

Here to Help.

In conclusion, the Helpline Center is an invaluable resource. By simply dialing 2-1-1, you are connected to a wealth of information and resources on basic needs, health/mental health, employment, and education for your community. The staff at the Helpline Center are highly trained and equipped to assist with a wide range of concerns.

Take a step towards a better life and call 211 to connect with the support you need.


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