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Dine for a Cause: Support the Rescue Network at The Barrel House

March is a month that brings new beginnings, and what better way to embrace this than by supporting a cause that breathes new life into our four-legged friends? Join us on March 4th for "Dine for a Cause" at Barrel House, an event that promises good food for a great purpose. 🐾

The Rescue Network, a heartwarming organization dear to the hearts at Ver Beek Law, will be the beneficiary of this delicious fundraiser.

A dog sleeping on a white blanket
The Rescue Network Fundraiser

"Having adopted two of my beloved pups from their compassionate care, I can personally vouch for the incredible work they do. This outstanding group is dedicated to rescuing neglected dogs and puppies, providing them with medical care, and placing them in loving foster homes until they find their forever families." - Paige Finch, Administrative Assistant at Ver Beek Law.

Here's How You Can Help

By simply enjoying a meal at The Barrel House in Sioux Falls, SD on March 4th, you will be contributing to this noble cause. Bel House has generously pledged to donate 10% of your bill to the Rescue Network. Whether it's brunch, lunch, or dinner, your dining experience will directly aid in offering a second chance to these deserving animals.

Event Details

Date: March 4th starting at 11am (event lasts the entire day)

Location: Barrel House

Beneficiary: The Rescue Network

Offer: 10% of your bill donated to the Rescue Network

Spread the word by sharing with friends, family, and fellow animal lovers. Your participation is not just about savoring a great meal—it's an act of kindness that will ripple through the lives of countless dogs and puppies awaiting a fresh start.

This is philanthropy in action, where community and compassion meet. Mark your calendars for a day of delightful dining that makes a difference.

For more information about the event and the amazing work done by the Rescue Network, please visit the event link:

Let's turn compassion into action. Join us at The Barrel House on March 4th for "Dine for a Cause," and let's make each bite count for our furry friends in need. 🐶❤️

When we come together as a community in support of a worthy cause, we can create waves of change—one meal, one dog, one rescue at a time.


About The Rescue Network

Rescue Network is committed to strengthening under-served communities by providing resources for cats and dogs, reducing animal population, and creating a network of rescue organizations that builds a bridge to safety for unwanted animals.


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