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Ver Beek Law leads clients through life-changing events.

DEC. 20, 2020

Dedicated advocates with compassion and collaboration, Ver Beek Law leads clients through life-changing events.

“I’ve been the client,” says Kelsey Ver Beek, founding attorney of Ver Beek Law, Prof. L.L.C., a boutique family law firm. “I know what it feels like to talk to an attorney, testify in court, and deal with custody issues. That’s why I do this.”

Providing legal counsel for divorce, child support, adoption, and other family law matters, Ver Beek and attorneys Kathryn Morrison and Megan Busch take a collaborative, holistic approach to each case, ensuring clients’ goals stay topof-mind. Each attorney brings a diverse background and skill set to the team, a benefit to clients whose unique cases often see the guidance of all three.

“Our team-orientated approach allows for clients’ needs to be met in an expeditious manner without the client losing continuity, consistency, and connection with the attorney handling their matter,” Ver Beek says.

Experienced, vetted advocates, the attorneys have crafted a modern legal practice, one that personalizes services and offers a less formal atmosphere to encourage open communication. “With the issues our clients discuss, they want to feel as comfortable as possible, and we want to provide that environment for them,” Morrison says.

Expectations vs. Reality
Prioritizing honesty in their work, Ver Beek, Morrison, and Busch begin by asking clients to define their goals and expectations for the
outcome. “People may come to us after speaking to a friend or family member with a similar situation, and they don’t have the most realistic expectations of how their specific matter will finalize,” Morrison explains, adding no single solution works for all cases. To combat unrealistic goals, the attorneys pull on their experience and knowledge of the court to aid clients in reaching the best possible outcome for their circumstance.

Additionally, an intimate understanding of a client’s goals is key. “We want to know our client’s goals from the beginning to analyze the financial and emotional costs of achieving them,” Busch notes. “If the client understands these costs, they may or may not change their goals.”

For the Future
Appreciating the far-reaching impact of their cases, the attorneys recognize the importance of providing clients with resources that extend beyond the scope of the firm’s legal representation. “Life will inevitably look different for these clients, and we want to make sure we are connecting them with individuals who can help to navigate this new normal,” Ver Beek says.

“We also strive to take a realistic, big picture approach,” Busch notes. “We’re thorough and consider all of the options available to our
clients and the potential ramifications of the choices they’re making now—not only how those choices are going to affect them today, but
also in the future.”

In the end, the attorneys help clients feel more secure and knowledgeable. Ver Beek adds, “That’s the biggest measure of success for us—that we put our clients in a better, more confident position to go forward in life than how they came to us.”


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