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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Sioux Falls


Protecting Your Rights

Our Sioux Falls criminal defense attorneys believe that everyone deserves fair treatment. We fight to protect your rights at every stage of the legal process.  Our attorneys will evaluate the circumstances of your arrest to ensure that your Constitutional rights are upheld, investigate how the evidence was collected, and look out for your rights until your case is resolved.


The Sioux Falls criminal defense attorneys at Ver Beek Law provide legal representation to people facing misdemeanor and felony charges. Our attorneys are highly accessible, approachable, answer calls promptly and keep you updated about the status of your case.

When we initially evaluate your case, we will listen to your side of the story and review the evidence against you. We provide an honest evaluation of your situation because our Sioux Falls criminal defense lawyers would rather tell our clients the hard stuff, rather than having them hear it in court. We work to develop a strong defense for every client to help you get the best possible outcome for your situation. 

Misdemeanor & Felony Charges

Like most states, South Dakota classifies crimes as either felonies or misdemeanors. The severity of the offense influences the level of the charges, with felonies being more serious than misdemeanors and carrying harsher penalties for conviction. We offer dedicated legal representation and personal attention to every case.

Our attorneys represent clients charged with crimes that include:

  • Property Crimes

  • Violent Crimes

  • Assault

  • DUI

  • Drug Crimes

  • Violation of Protection Order

The penalties that a defendant may be facing depends on several factors, such as the classification of the crime, the specific details of the situation, and if there are any prior convictions. More than two prior convictions in South Dakota can result in the charge of a higher-level crime. Even less serious crimes that carry lighter penalties could result in a criminal record and consequences that could have a negative impact on your life.

Criminal Defense Services:

Our Services

  • Is there a residency requirement?
    Many states have a length of residency requirement for couples who want to file for divorce. However, while South Dakota does have a residency requirement, there is no particular length of residency required to file for divorce in the state. Instead, the spouse must simply be a resident in good standing. Furthermore, the spouse must remain a state resident in good standing until the divorce is finalized.
  • Is there a waiting period?
    The waiting period for a divorce in South Dakota is 60 days between filing for divorce and when the divorce can be finalized.
  • Is there legal separation in South Dakota?
    South Dakota allows for legal separation. This allows for a couple to settle disputed matters such as child custody and support, live separately, and remain legally married. In essence, a couple can live as if they’re divorced, but they will still receive the same benefits that a legal marriage provides.
  • Are there annulments in South Dakota?
    While divorce legally ends a marriage, annulment says the marriage never existed. There are limited cases when South Dakota will allow for annulment.

Meet Your Lawyers

Megan Busch

Megan Busch


Megan Busch is a licensed attorney in the State of South Dakota.

Megan is originally from Arlington, NE, where she grew up with her two siblings. Before beginning law school Megan attended Midland University in Fremont, NE, where she graduated in three years as a double major student-athlete.

Following college, Megan began law school and graduated from the University of South Dakota School of Law with the Class of 2016. While in law school, Megan was an active participant in the Student Bar Association and Women-in-Law. Prior to joining Ver Beek Law, Megan was a Law Clerk for the Third Judicial District in the State of Iowa from 2016-2019

Outside of work, Megan enjoys watching movies, reading, and spending time with her family and husband, Troy.

Get in Touch :


Call (605) 988-8556 for a Consultation

Get started on your defense by calling to schedule a consultation. During a consultation, you will sit down with one of our Sioux Falls lawyers and we will help you figure out your next best steps for moving forward. Call (605) 988-8556 today to get started on your case.

What Clients are Saying

Holly H.

Outstanding, highly professional service and the attorneys are experienced and incredibly knowledgeable. Very accessible and responsive to questions in a prompt and helpful manner. Everyone there was extremely helpful and their assistance and guidance got me though what would otherwise have been a frightening experience. They were there with me every step of the way, explained things thoroughly, and answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns immediately. I would 100% recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal assistance. The service provided by Ver Beek Law is exceptional!

Dave&Jessica M.

Wow!!!!!!!!!! What an AMAZING group of lawyers! You don't just get one, you get the whole firm. I can't begin to say how thankful of Megan I am. I know how hard it is to trust a stranger with your kids, but you can. When she says she has it, she does!!!! Thank you from the WHOLE family!!!

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