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Ver Beek Law now offering estate planning: What is an estate plan and why should you have one?

Updated: May 20, 2021

You’ve likely heard someone talking about their Will (or someone else’s) before. You also have probably heard a story or two about challenges faced when dividing out what’s left behind after a loved one’s death. It can be a daunting and messy process, especially when there is nothing in writing and emotions are high, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many people believe that having an estate plan, like a Will or Trust, is only for the wealthiest of individuals. The fact of the matter is everyone can benefit from creating an estate plan. Here’s why:

Leaving behind a comprehensive and personalized estate plan can be one of the best gifts you leave your family to help give your loved one’s guidance and avoid unintended financial and emotional consequences.

So, who should consider having an estate plan?

Anyone who wants their assets to be transferred to loved ones after they pass away should consider establishing a formal estate plan. Ver Beek Law, Prof. L.L.C. is now offering estate planning services and ready to assist you with preparing a comprehensive estate plan that can include durable powers of attorney, trusts, wills, and related documents.

We believe in an individualized approach, and help design estate plans that are shaped by your unique circumstances. Whether planning or administrating

an estate, we are wholly committed to providing you with exceptional legal service.

Our goal as your estate planning lawyer is to provide personalized guidance in understanding all the different estate planning tools available to create an estate plan that works best for you.

Contact Ver Beek Law today to schedule your free consultation: 605-988-8556

You can learn more about Ver Beek Law Estate Planning Services here:

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