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About Parenting Time in South Dakota

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Parenting time refers to the time spent with children by parents who no longer reside together. South Dakota courts will consider evidence presented by both parties and will make a determination regarding parenting time based on the best interests of the child/children involved. When parents live apart, it is their responsibility to come up with a detailed agreement concerning scheduled parenting time in both homes. When parents cannot agree, they become subject to mandatory South Dakota visitation guidelines.

If you need legal help in negotiating a parenting plan, our Sioux Falls child custody lawyers offers insightful and capable assistance. At Ver Beek Law, Prof. L.L.C, we are in the business of helping families navigate the often rocky waters of divorce and child custody. We know how difficult this can be and make every effort to help you reach rational decisions based on what is best for your child. We also know what courts look for in such issues and how to present your plan in the best possible light.

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South Dakota Guidelines for Parenting Plans

Detailed parenting plans must be part of the custody order. Should your parenting plan become a matter for a family court judge, he or she will determine the plan that best fits the needs of your child based on state guidelines.

South Dakota child visitation guidelinesinclude detailed instructions for such matters as:

  • Parental communication
  • Communication with children
  • Adjustments in the plan due to emergencies, illnesses, or commitments
  • Vacation time with children
  • Missed time with children
  • Special considerations for adolescents
  • Religious holidays
  • Weekends, holidays and summer
  • Noncustodial time with children under five
  • Birthdays

Our Sioux Falls child custody lawyers can help to ensure that your plan meets the needs of your child and follows South Dakota visitation guidelines where applicable. Should your parenting plan become disputed in court, we will work vigorously on your behalf to help resolve the matter with as little stress as possible.

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